2022 Children’s Hinokishin for Summer Vacation

Tenrikyo Boys and Girls Association Headquarters (chaired by Isaku Nishida) recently promoted the “Children’s Hinokishin for Summer Vacation” program, aimed at helping the association members at regional churches, in local communities, and at home to have a sense of gratitude for the blessing of health and to proactively engage in hinokishin activities.

In order to support this program, the Children’s Hinokishin Center opened on July 26—and remained available until August 28—on the north side of the Information Center in the Sanctuary precincts.

On that afternoon, the Hinokishin Center was visited by many families and groups of church members who had attended the July Monthly Service. After receiving an explanation of hino­kishin at the center, children experienced hinokishin activities and savored the joy of returning to Jiba by cleaning the Sanctuary Corridor and precincts.

In addition, a range of entertaining attractions were provided on the west side of the area to the south of the Main Sanctuary and in South Right Wing 2 of the Oyasato-yakata building-complex.

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