Announcement: Activities and Events in Anticipation of the 140th Anniversary of Oyasama

At a monthly meeting of the Kanamekai (association comprising the head ministers of all grand churches and directly supervised branch churches) held on June 27, there was an announcement about the events and activities to be held in anticipation of the 140th Anniversary of Oyasama.

During the meeting, Director-in-Chief of Religious Affairs Yoichiro Miyamori said that the Shinbashira would announce the Instruction on the occasion of this year’s Autumn Grand Service on October 26. On the following day, the “Pep Rally for the 140th Anniversary of Oyasama” will be held at Dining Hall 2 as an opportunity for followers who are in leading positions of the path to come together and pledge to fulfill their duties at the forefront of the pre-anniversary activities. The pep rally will be attended by Honbu-in (Church Headquarters’ executive officials), Honbu Jun’in (Church Headquarters’ senior officials), head ministers and their spouses of directly supervised churches, heads of dioceses, and heads of Church Headquarters’ overseas mission facilities.

Moreover, “Visits by Church Headquarters Officials” will be conducted at all directly supervised churches during the period from November 10 to February 28 next year to ensure a thorough understanding of the spirit of the Instruction as well as the significance of the pre-anniversary activities. Following these visits, directly supervised churches will carry out “Visits to All Churches” of their affiliation by the end of May. Thereafter, all church head ministers will be given an opportunity to attend a Monthly Service of Church Headquarters within the boundary bars in the Main Sanctuary.

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