Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in Brazil Celebrates Its 71st Anniversary and the Installation of Its New Bishop

On July 10, Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in Brazil—located in the city of Bauru—conducted the service to celebrate its 71st anniversary and the installation of Rev. Kaoru Murata as its third bishop in the presence of Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs Zensuke Nakata and Overseas Department Head Masaharu Matsuda. The event was attended by some 2,000 followers from across the country, including those from relatively close cities such as São Paulo as well as those from far-off cities such as Manaus, Fortaleza, and Recife, which are about 3,000 kilometers (approx. 1,860 miles) from Bauru.

After Bishop Murata delivered the service prayer, Rev. Nakata read the Shinbashira’s message to the congregation. In the message, the Shinbashira encouraged Bishop Murata by saying: “A bishop is responsible for all the matters concerning a mission headquarters. I would therefore like you to strive to grow spiritually in a manner befitting your position.” Continuing, the Shinbashira asked the followers based in Brazil to work together by saying, “Although you may belong to different churches, I would like to ask you followers based in this country to become close to one another, help one another, and make one another spirited as you seek to advance the path in Brazil.”

Following the Shinbashira’s message, the service was performed in unity of mind. In his speech delivered after the service performance, Bishop Murata expressed his determination by saying, “I will firmly settle in my heart the Shinbashira’s message and strive to fulfill my duty while carrying on the spirit of the successive bishops and other predecessors.”

Following the proceedings in the sanctuary, a festive event was held on the mission headquarters’ premises. The event featured performances by the mission headquarters’ brass band as well as by the fife and drum band of the Brazil Chapter of Tenrikyo Boys and Girls Association on a stage that was set up for this special occasion. Toward the end of the event, bouquets of flowers were presented to the former bishop and his wife and the new bishop and his wife, which was then followed by the singing of a song that was composed for the anniversary.

On July 9, the day before the 71st anniversary service, Rev. Nakata and Rev. Matsuda attended a convention of the Brazil Chapter of the Young Men’s Association. The event was attended by about 300 people including staff members and alumni.

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