Judo Training Camp Held

Approximately 150 prominent judo athletes and coaches, including about 100 foreign judokas from eight countries, gathered in the Home of the Parent to participate in a judo training camp held from May 29 through June 3. At Tenri University Judo Hall, judokas who will represent Japan in all seven weight categories in the men’s judo competition at the Sydney Olympics in September trained with the foreign judokas, including about 30 who will represent their countries at the Olympics. Two of the Japanese judokas were Tenri University alumni: Mr. Shin’ichi Shinohara (over 100-kg division) and Mr. Tadahiro Nomura (60-kg division).

On May 31, the Japanese participants visited the Main Sanctuary to worship. Mr. Yasuhiro Yamashita, coach of the Japanese men’s team and former gold medalist, said: “We have been holding many camps in Tenri with the support of the second and third Shinbashiras and Tenri Judo Association. Tenri has good facilities and offers a conducive environment for training. I am filled with gratitude, and I would like my team members to be grateful, too.” He attended the morning services at Church Headquarters during the camp since he wanted to set a good example for his team members. “I was very impressed,” he said, “to see so many followers gather from very early morning to worship at the Main Sanctuary, and I felt my mind being purified.”

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