Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day: Followers Engage in Hinokishin Around the World

This year’s Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day was observed on Sunday, May 14, at nearly 1,800 locations in Japan and other countries. Selfless and thankful action, known as hinokishin, is performed by followers of the path day after day whereby their joy at being alive is expressed through their actions. The significance of Hinokishin Day, now in its 69th year, is to provide people with an opportunity to get together and express their gratitude to God the Parent for the gift of life through the practice of hinokishin.

Assembled in Church Headquarters’ Inner Courtyard at 8:30 a.m. were 4,500 people including the staff of the Administrative Headquarters, students of the Spiritual Development Course, members of the Young Men’s Association Hinokishin Corps, and students of Tenrikyo schools. After a few moments of silent prayer, Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs Masahiko Iburi addressed the participants. “To us, hinokishin is an everyday activity,” he said. “Our whole lives, in fact, should be hinokishin, from moment to moment. Our individual hinokishin can then make a change in the world. Today, however, is a day on which all followers of the path will join together in demonstrating hinokishin to the world.”

The participants divided into 60 groups and headed to their respective sites in and around the Home of the Parent. The sites included civic centers, hospitals, police stations, welfare facilities, parks, and schools. Though it started raining in the afternoon, the participants carried on their cleanup hinokishin, savoring the joy of being alive, the gift of life, with their whole being.

Out of the dozens of overseas districts conducting Hinokishin Day, the following were reported in Tenri Jiho, the weekly newspaper published by Doyusha.

In Brisbane, Oceania Centre organized hinokishin activities at Col Bennett Park, where 15 followers picked up trash under blue skies. Followers did hinokishin also in other parts of Oceania: Sydney, Auckland, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast.

Meanwhile, 43 people cleaned up areas around Nayong Pilipino Museum in Metro Manila, the Philippines. In Hong Kong, 23 followers gathered at a Red Cross hostel for people with disabilities. This marked the second time Hinokishin Day was conducted at this facility and, since the beginning of the year, several followers had been cleaning the hostel every Monday as well. In Taiwan, Hinokishin Day drew 276 participants, who cleaned parks and streets at 12 locations. In Kathmandu, Nepal, 87 people did hinokishin at Kanti Children’s Hospital on May 20, cleaning the windows and ceilings of the hospital.

Followers in Thailand held their Hinokishin Day at three locations. Some did painting at a cancer center in Chiang Mai on April 30, and some visited a nursing home in the suburbs of Mahasarakham on May 20. On the following day, 120 people painted swings, jungle gyms, and other playground equipment at an institution for handicapped children in the province of Pathumthani adjacent to Bangkok.

In São Paulo, Brazil, 793 followers joined together in doing a thorough cleanup at Ipiranga Park on May 1. Prior to the event, Tenrikyo São Paulo district officials had placed an advertisement in the local newspaper inviting participation from the general public, besides distributing flyers to all Yoboku in the district.

In North America, a total of 700 people participated in Hinokishin Day at 28 locations, cleaning parks, cemeteries, nursing homes, and other public places. For example, in Los Angeles—where Hinokishin Day was conducted on May 20, the day before the May monthly service of Mission Headquarters in America—followers picked up trash on the streets around the mission headquarters after the evening serv1ce.

Hinokishin Day in Hawaii, also observed on May 20, gathered 130 followers at Honolulu Zoo. After listening to the message from the Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs—which was read aloud both in English and Japanese—the participants spread out and raked fallen leaves. Many members of the Boys and Girls Association joined the activity. Followers did hinokishin also on the islands of Maui and Hawaii.

Hinokishin Day was observed on May 28 in Mexico City, where 52 followers planted trees and cleaned streets and other places. On the same day, 82 people cleaned Pasir Ris Park in Singapore. Europe Centre also conducted hinokishin that day, attracting 23 participants.

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