Joint Convention of Five Tenrikyo Welfare Federations Takes Place

Two hundred eighty followers assembled on May 25 at the Home of the Parent for a joint convention of five Tenrikyo welfare federations for prison chaplains, juvenile probation officers, foster parents, social welfare facilities, and child welfare commissioners. The convention began with an address by Chairman Keisuke Hamano of the Federation for Child Welfare Commissioners. He emphasized the urgent need for Yoboku involved in social welfare to draw upon their true sincerity to reach out to society in view of increasing juvenile crimes and child abuse incidents. Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs Masahiko Iburi, who later took the podium, reiterated that Instruction One urges all Yoboku to contribute to building the Joyous Life World and that the Yoboku’s steady efforts to implement the way of living demonstrated by the Parent through their own capacities would serve to illuminate people’s lives. Reiko Fukushima, the original proposer of Finger Braille now popular in Japan, then delivered a commemorative address, sharing her experience of raising three children including Satoshi, who lost his sight at nine and hearing at 18 but who is now an associate professor at Kanazawa University. Reiko’s motto has been: “Find joy in all things, no matter what they are.”

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