The Home of the Parent during the Sechi Festival

The annual Sechi Festival was held at Jiba from January 5 to 7. This year, a total of 94,884 people returned to Jiba to be treated to zoni, roasted rice cakes served with greens in a clear broth.

Anyone is welcome to this traditional New Year’s festival at the Home of the Parent. The festival is said to have started around 1870 by Oyasama, who wished to share the New Year’s offerings of rice cakes with followers. This year, a total of 22,000 kilograms of rice cakes, 5,260 kilograms of greens, and 877 liters of sake were served during the three-day festival.

Approximately 6,000 people supported the festival, engaging in hinokishin. They included Church Headquarters’ staff members, Shuyoka students, and high school and college students.

Prior to the festival, the rice cakes, which had been brought from each directly supervised church, were carried into the Main Sanctuary on December 30, and they were taken down and sliced by 1,300 people on January 4 in the North and West Worship Halls.

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