Clothing Donated to Uganda

On December 21, two tons of clothing were donated to Uganda in a ceremony that took place in Hikiso Branch Church, located in Sakai City, Osaka. Frank Sabavuma, a Ugandan citizen and Yoboku of Fuchiwa Branch Church, and Eiji Yamazaki, member of an NGO called AAA (Asia And Africa), went to the church to receive 65 boxes of clothes gathered as relief goods.

Hikiso Branch Church has been cooperating with AAA over the past 10 years. Under the motto “The World is One; We Are All Brothers and Sisters,” they have been collecting clothing to help refugees. At the ceremony, Rev. Kiyoharu Kajiyama, head minister of Hikiso Branch Church, delivered an address, speaking on the history of their activities.

Mr. Sabavuma then spoke words of appreciation on behalf of his country. Following that, the two tons of clothing and monetary donations were handed over to Mr. Sabavuma. Mr. Sabavuma is the brother-in-law of J.S. Bakayana Kityo, Ugandan president’s chief protocol officer. The clothing will be sent to the needy through the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness and Refugees.

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