Prison Chaplains Meet in Jiba

The Federation for Prison Chaplains sponsored a seminar in Dining Hall 3 on February 25, drawing 56 participants. The seminar is held each year in the Home of the Parent and aims at providing an opportunity for prison chaplains to study together and exchange their thoughts on correctional education.

Rev. Nobuyuki Tanaka, chief of the Social Welfare Section, delivered an address to commence the seminar. Then, Warden Yoshio Okamoto of the juvenile reformatory in Uji, Kyoto, gave a lecture entitled “My Thoughts on Correctional Education.” Based on his experience, he talked about various types of today’s juvenile violence. He said: “Juvenile crimes often used to be triggered by poverty. By comparison, today’s modern society is outwardly affluent, yet, the problem, I think, is that children have become inwardly poor.” Referring to the lack of independence and self-reliance that is obvious among those who have been involved in juvenile crimes, he also said: “Nowadays, correctional education needs to help those juveniles nurture their minds. The role of prison chaplains as well as religions is going to be more important than ever in the future.” Discussion sessions were held following the lecture.

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