Hinokishin School Holds a Symposium on Mental Illness

Hinokishin School, managed by the Hinokishin Section of the Mission Department, sponsored a symposium entitled “Mental Illness and Salvation Work—Thinking of the Root of Illness” at the Home of the Parent on February 25. Hinokishin School holds a symposium twice a year. This symposium, which was the 17th and consisted of a lecture and a panel discussion, drew approximately 320 participants.

Dr. Katsuhiko Kubo delivered a lecture entitled “Psychological Problems of Juveniles and the Parent-Child Relationship.” Dr. Kubo first outlined juvenile problems ranging from truancy to heinous crimes. He also talked about the “inability to empathize with others and establish human relationships,” which is a common characteristic of those who have attempted a heinous crime.

He pointed out that children today have been suffering too much stress because parents put excessive emphasis on their children’s academic success, and he added that the decreasing number of children per family and the increasing number of nuclear families lessen the opportunities for children to form social relationships. He said, “It is important to establish a good parent-child relationship while children are still in infancy in order to ensure their healthy mental development.”

He also said: “Raising children is hard work. Parents need to have patience in raising their children, and they should be careful not to put their own convenience above their children’s needs.” Considering the increasing number of parents that do not have the advantage of living with older people who could teach them about child-rearing, he said that church activities and community-based activities should be responsible for helping young parents solve the problem.

Dr. Kubo’ s lecture was followed by a panel discussion. Rev. Haruo Kitahara and Rev. Hitomaro Tanigawa, both members of the Hinokishin School Management Committee, as well as Dr. Kubo, served as panelists, and Rev. Buntaro Hirooka acted as chairman. Dr. Kubo answered the questions posed by the participants from his point of view as a counselor, while Rev. Kitahara and Rev. Tanigawa shared their experience in salvation activities as church head ministers.

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