Joyous Life Pep Rally in Niigata

On March 4, Niigata Diocese held the Joyous Life Pep Rally, which approximately 1,500 Yoboku and followers attended. The rally started with a speech by Diocese Superintendent Toshiyuki Nakamura. Quoting the phrase “Let us put aside our hesitation and take courage in conveying the voice of the Parent to others,” which appears in Instruction One, Rev. Nakamura maintained that this message is an appeal for the followers’ courage, which is to be implemented in their attitude of faith that tackles things as their own concern. He told the audience, “Let us pledge together to promote local activities that are positive and inspired as well as conducted in the spirit of mutual help and encouragement.”

Then, Rev. Masahiko Iburi, Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs, delivered his address. He said: “The teachings we have learned from Oyasama are not about the salvation of ourselves and our families alone, but about the salvation of all people in the world. . . . Through hinokishin we demonstrate our ways of living, our attitude, and our thoughts, which are directed toward world salvation. Hinokishin is also an action to express our spiritual growth, by virtue of which we will come to feel grateful for things that people usually take for granted.” Rev. Iburi’s address was followed by a panel discussion, which he conducted with representatives of followers from the diocese.

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