Capping Ceremony Takes Place at Tenri Nursing School

The capping ceremony for the students in the 17th term (Department One) as well as the 35th term (Department Two) of Tenri Nursing School was held on May 14. This year, 41 students of Department One as well as 18 students of Department Two were capped.

After those attending had sung the Eight Verses of the Yorozuyo, Tenri Yorozu-sodansho Foundation (Ikoi-no-Ie Hospital) President Takehiko Nakata delivered an address. In the address, he expressed his desire that all of the students would make sincere efforts so that they could become nurses who were able to put “Smile and Kindness” into practice in a natural manner. Then each of them was called by name, capped with a pure white nurse cap, and presented with a lit candle. The students’ faces were beautifully illuminated by the light of the candles.

Then, a pledge was made by Kumi Kawano and Ayumi Kuraoka, representing all the capped students from Department One and Two respectively. In the pledge, they resolved to make efforts to become Yoboku nurses who follow the Divine Model in the spirit of single-hearted salvation while uniting their minds and maintaining gratitude for being able to study at the Home of the Parent.

After the pledge, Tenri Nursing School President Hidehiro Okumura encouraged all the students by saying, “Today is a memorable day when you are taking a step forward to become professional nurses. Let me ask you to become good Yoboku nurses while upholding today’s great joy for your lifetime and taking pride in having chosen to serve as a nurse.”

The ceremony came to a close with the singing of “O-uta 1: Over Steep Mountains.”

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