Mission Center in Colombia Installs Its New Head

Former Head Minister of Sul América Church Masayuki Ishizaki was installed on June 9 as the 5th head of the Mission Center in Colombia in a service attended by Tenrikyo Overseas Department Vice Head Hiroaki Yamazawa and Latin America Section Chief Naotaro Shimizu. Originally from Japan, Rev. Ishizaki emigrated to Brazil 42 years ago as a settler. While working on a farm, he endeavored to share the teachings with others and, in 1970, he became the head minister of Sul América Church, located in São Paulo. Although he retired from his post last year, he continued to be active at the forefront of the mission of the church.

At the installation service, Rev. Yamazawa addressed the 130 people who had gathered, first explaining the appropriate attitude for all followers to embrace in preparing for the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama, which is to be observed in 2006. Rev. Yamazawa then stressed the need for the followers to perform the service in high spirits and in a unity of mind. He also asked the congregation to implement the teachings in the course of their daily lives and to take a positive stance in administering the Sazuke and working for the salvation of others so that the way they live might serve to convince their communities of the truth of the teachings. The new head of the mission center then delivered an address, inviting the members of the congregation to bring their minds into unity and serve the path in such a way as to bring joy to the Parent. He also encouraged them to see their immediate goal as implementing the activities related to the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama.

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