Social Welfare Groups Meet In Jiba

On May 25, five Tenrikyo social welfare related federations (namely the federations for Social Welfare Facilities, Prison Chaplains, Juvenile Probation Officers, Foster Parents, and Child Welfare Commissioners) held a joint convention in East Right Wing 4 of the Oyasato-yakata building-complex, drawing about 250 followers involved in social welfare activities from all parts of the country.

After the participants had sung the Yorozuyo, Vice Chairperson Yoichi Sakaguchi of the Federation for Child Welfare Commissioners delivered an address. Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs Masahiko Iburi then took the podium. He told the audience that the attitude that ought to be embraced toward the federations’ activities is one of hinokishin. He said: “In response to our request for a large turnout at this year’s Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day, which marked the 70th anniversary of that event, you devoted great efforts to help increase the numbers of participants in various districts and regions. Hinokishin is a guiding principle for followers of the path. Hinokishin Day is intended to help us engage in hinokishin spontaneously in our daily lives. It is important for those affiliated with the federations to maintain the spirit of hinokishin.” He appealed to the participants, saying, “I hope you will stay in contact with society at large, while, at the same time, devoting yourselves to your salvation work with the attitude of hinokishin, without being caught up in self-satisfied or stereotyped thoughts.”

Following the ceremony, Director Masako Iida of Kosai Academy, a general social welfare center for the mentally-challenged and the autistic, delivered a commemorative speech entitled, “In anticipation of a society where one can live with a rich spirit–Let us play a pivotal role in its realization.” Giving some actual examples, she spoke about how mentally-challenged children develop physically and mentally. She also told the audience, “I was able to better myself through my contact with those children over a period of 40 years.”

Later, each federation held its own meeting where participants exchanged opinions on a variety of issues.

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