akarui 明るい

1: bright
2: cheerful
3: lighthearted
4: joyous
5: radiant
6: positive

“A bright and spirited mind is a joyous mind” (The Doctrine of Tenrikyo, p. 73).

“She taught that by giving generously to the needy and renouncing attachment to material things, one will surely become brightened in mind and, once the mind has become brightened, the path to the Joyous Life will open up by itself” (The Life of Oyasama, p. 18).

“I want all of you to make daily progress with bright and spirited minds by firmly believing that whatever agonies or hardships, illnesses and troubles you may encounter, you will receive blessings.”

“I myself try to see what I can do in my everyday life to live each day with a bright, joyous mind.”

“Regardless of what the circumstances are, we can always find true happiness and fulfillment in life if we make it a practice to maintain a cheerful, spirited, and joyous mind each day” (Words of the Path, p. 21).

“I am sure that all of us want to be attractive women who have the qualities of cheerfulness and warm-heartedness, gentleness and kindness, and patience and perseverance.”

“Oyasama lived in penury for a long time, and there was often no rice to eat in Her house. Yet She remained lighthearted and high-spirited.”

“Oyasama’s fifty-yearjourney after being settled as the Shrine of Tsukihi was filled with difficulties and hardships. Yet Oyasama was always cheerful and lighthearted, and She demonstrated through Her Divine Model that we can live the Joyous Life under any circumstances.”

“Despite going through all kinds of hardships, Oyasama remained joyous and spirited and showed us through Her own example that we can live joyously depending solely on the way we handle our mind.”

“Tenrikyo is a path that is intended to bring a true settling to the world, thereby allowing the world to be filled with profound joy and pure brightness” (Mind That Attracts Happiness, p. 2).

“However, Oyasama, the Foundress of Tenrikyo, teaches us that we can accept any circumstances with joy depending on the way we handle our mind.”

“Oyasama always remained radiant and spirited despite living in the depths of poverty for the next decade or so” (Yoboku’s Guide to Tenrikyo, p. 44).

“And our mind will become ever more radiant, joyous, and spirited, and we will make ever greater spiritual growth” (Yoboku Handbook, pp. 66–67).

“Our radiant smiles and warm words spontaneously attract people.”

“As long as you accept things positively, you can live each day filled with joy no matter what happens in your life.”

“It is my hope that we, followers of the path, take the lead in being positive and work with people in society at large to overcome this difficult situation.”
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