aizu 合図


  • それを見て、人々は、成程、これが合圖立い(合図立て合い)と、かね/\゛仰せられて居た事であるなあ、屋敷の掃除とはこの事か。 と、感じ入った。 Seeing this, the followers understood what Oyasama had meant by saying repeatedly, ‘A sign for a sign,’ that, indeed, this is the meaning of the sweeping of the Residence (The Life of Oyasama, p. 179).

  • いまゝでハなによの事もハかりない これからみゑるふしぎあいづが(三 5)Until now, you have understood nothing, but from now on you will see wondrous signs (Ofudesaki III:5).
  • それが道の歴史と人間の歴史とが「合図立て合う」と言われる所以である。
    In fact, the history of the path and the history of humankind are seen as progressing in parallel (i.e., in a way described as “sign for sign”) (A Glossary of Tenrikyo Terms, p. 7).
  • 十八遍目のすんだときに、地方の一番のところで、木(合図木)が入る。The lead singer strikes the table with a signal block at the end of the eighteenth time (Tracing the Model Path, p. 155).
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