Aiden 合殿(教祖殿)

Connecting Hall

  • 教祖殿は、畳数四四六・五畳の教祖殿、九六畳の合殿、そして四一四畳の御用場からなります。The Foundress’ Sanctuary consists of three parts: the Foundress’ Residence (with 446.5 tatami mats), the Connecting Hall (with 96 tatami mats), and the Foundress’ Hall (with 414 tatami mats).

  • 参拝後、一行は教祖殿合殿で順次着座し、挙式の開始を待った。After worshiping at the Main Sanctuary, they made their way to the Connecting Hall of the Foundress’ Sanctuary where the ceremony was to begin shortly.
  • この後、教祖殿へ参進。本部在籍者や直属教会長らが合殿と御用場で参列するなか、真柱様のお手にあわせて教祖に礼拝。Then, they proceeded to the Foundress’ Sanctuary, where resident members of Church Headquarters and heads of the directly supervised churches had filled its Connecting Hall and Foundress’ Hall. First, the Shinbashira led the attendees in offering worship to Oyasama.
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