Message from Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs

The novel coronavirus has been spreading worldwide. Tenrikyo Church Headquarters performed a prayer service at noon on March 3 not only for the earliest possible end to the epidemic but also for the healing and recovery of those afflicted by COVID-19, the restoration of the normal life of those who are facing various difficulties, and the settling of social and economic disruption. I am sure that our regional churches and individual followers and Yoboku are also offering the same prayers at their daily services.

The Tenrikyo teachings tell us that infectious diseases reflect the regret and parental love of God, who desires us human beings to know the original intention in creating us and quickly transform our mind into one that allows us to be filled with joy.

The present situation comes at a time when the world is facing growing tension and conflict. As for our own religious community, I feel very sorry that we may be causing regret and impatience in God the Parent and Oyasama, who want us to focus on the salvation of others.

As we continue to pray single-heartedly that the spread of the coronavirus will come to an end even a day sooner and that those afflicted by the virus will be blessed with a full recovery, I hope that all of us in the Tenrikyo community will be united in increasing the efforts to advance salvation work and accelerate progress toward the Joyous Life so that we can bring joy to God the Parent and Oyasama.

In keeping with the measures taken by the global community to contain the spread of the coronavirus, I would like everybody in Tenrikyo to be considerate of the insecurity and anxiety of the general public and behave prudently and responsibly. It is my hope that we, followers of the path, take the lead in being positive and work with people in society at large to overcome this difficult situation.

Perceiving this global challenge as a knot where we can make great progress in our spiritual growth, I sincerely pray for a blessing that allows buds to sprout from this knot.

March 3, 2020 (Tenrikyo 183)

Zensuke Nakata

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