Young Men’s Association Holds 82nd Convention

On October 27, the 82nd Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association Convention was held in the Inner Courtyard of Church Headquarters. In response to the Association Headquarters’ desire to have members from all branch chapters, diocese chapters, and overseas chapters attend the anniversary-year convention, some 18,000 members turned out for the occasion. That day, the Home of the Parent was blessed with warm sunny weather from the start to the end of the convention.

Shortly after 10:00 A.M., the Shinbashira, the former Shinbashira, Women’s Association President Harue Nakayama, and other guests were ushered into the convention site. After a moment of worship, the hoisting of the association flag, and the opening declaration, all participants sang the Eight Verses of the Yorozuyo in unison. Association Chairman Zenpei Kubo then presented the progress report on the activities of the previous year.

The Shinbashira, in his role as president of the association, took the podium to deliver his address. He shared his reflections on the association’s anniversary-related activities and gave encouragement to the members, saying: “The aim of this association’s anniversary slogan is, of course, to increase the number of people attending the Besseki lectures. Yet in order to be blessed with more and more people attending the Besseki lectures, it is indispensable to sprinkle the fragrance of the teachings and actually work for the salvation of others. It is also vital to provide painstaking care and guidance for those who have attended a Besseki lecture. We must continue working sincerely with them so that they may complete the series of nine Besseki lectures, receive the truth of the Sazuke, and become Yoboku who can genuinely implement the teachings.”

In response to the Shinbashira’s address, Takayasu Chapter Chairman Tadaaki Sakai made a pledge on behalf of all the members, saying, “We will aspire to establish strong and unwavering faith and continue making progress toward the next milestone through engaging in association activities with dauntless courage and youthful vitality.”

Before closing the convention, the participants joined in reciting the guiding principles of Arakitoryo and in singing “Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association Anthem.”

After the conclusion of the convention, all the members proceeded to the East, West, and North Worship Halls, where an appreciation service led by the Shinbashira was performed to offer gratitude to God the Parent for all the guidance provided throughout the anniversary year.

The convention-eve festivities, which were held in the areas on both sides of the South Gate following the evening service on October 26, included 62 food booths and a variety of entertainment provided on two stages.

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