Church Headquarters Announces New Personnel

Both Directors-in-Chief Reappointed

Honbu-in Zentaro Tanaka, 68, and Honbu-in Masahiko Iburi, 64, received sanction as the Director-in-Chief of Religious Affairs and the Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs, respectively, on October 26–half a year earlier than originally scheduled. Rev. Tanaka is serving his second term, and Rev. Iburi his fourth term.

Director-in-Chief Tanaka was born on February 20, 1938, and received the truth of the Sazuke in 1956. He was appointed as Honbu-seinen in 1961, Honbu-jun’in in 1978, Besseki Lecturer in 1982, and Honbu-in 1987. He became the head minister of Chuka Grand Church in 1971. He also served as responsible officer of Religious Corporation Tenrikyo, head of the Administrative Affairs Department, head of the Religious Affairs Bureau, director of Shuyoka, and the acting Director-in-Chief of Religious Affairs. As the Director-in-Chief of Religious Affairs, he also serves as representative officer of Religious Corporation Tenrikyo Church Headquarters.

Born on October 19, 1942, Director-in-Chief Iburi received the truth of the Sazuke in 1961. He was appointed as Honbu-seinen in 1968, Honbu-jun’in in 1979, Besseki Lecturer in 1980, and Honbu-in in 1986. He became the head minister of Osaka Branch Church in 1992. He also served as head of the Overseas Department and responsible officer of Religious Corporation Tenrikyo. As the Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs, he also serves as representative officer of Religious Corporation Tenrikyo.

Heads of Bureaus and Departments

Heads of bureaus and departments and chiefs of sections were appointed on October 28. Office of the Shinbashira Head Tadao Tosa, Religious Affairs Bureau Head Hiroaki Yamazawa, Finance Bureau Head Yaichi Nishiura, and Security Bureau Head Sunao Shimizu were reappointed whereas Department of Doctrine and Historical Materials Head Tadatsugu Yamanaka, Ritual Affairs Bureau Head Mantaro Yoshikawa, Divine Gifts and Sanctions Bureau Head Yoshikazu Yamamoto, Oyasato-yakata Management Bureau Head Yoshiaki Nakayama, and Director of Shuyoka Akio Shikao were newly appointed in the Religious Headquarters.

In the Administrative Headquarters, Administrative Affairs Department Head Yoshiaki Uno, Doyusha Publishing Company President Yoshitaro Ueda, Pilgrim Reception Department Head Itaro Nishida, and Property Management Department Head Sumiharu Ueda were reappointed while General Affairs Department Head Chotaro Iwata, Church Affairs Department Head Yoshiharu Nakayama, Education and Nurture Department Head Hidekazu Kita, Mission Department Head Motoyoshi Tomimatsu, Overseas Department Head Yoichiro Miyamori, Transportation Department Head Ikuhiro Masui, Finance Department Head Hiroyoshi Shimamura, and Construction and Maintenance Department Head Seitaro Yamada were newly appointed.

Overseas Department

Besides the appointment of Honbu-in Yoichiro Miyamori, former vice head of the Overseas Department, as head of the department, the new appointments relating to the Overseas Department are as follows: Rev. Kazuhiro Matsutani as chief of General Affairs Section; Rev. Yoshio Uchida as chief of Latin America Section; and Rev. Hinao Nagao, former assistant chief of Human Resources Development Section, as chief of this section.

Rev. Yoshiaki Mihama, former head of the Overseas Department, was appointed as bishop of Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in Taiwan. Rev. Naotaro Shimizu, former chief of Latin America Section, now serves at Shuyoka as chief of Mission Practice Section. Rev. Hiroshi Fukaya, former vice principal of Tenrikyo Language Institute, is chief of Three-Day Course Section in the Education and Nurture Department. Rev. Tomoyuki Itakura, former assistant chief of General Affairs Section, has been made chief of Nioigake Section in the Mission Department.

Reappointed to their positions were: Rev. Hirokazu Moroi, vice head of the Overseas Department; Rev. Shoji Sato, chief of Asia I Section; Rev. Tokuo Hamada, chief of Asia II Section; Rev. Takaharu Ichise, chief of North America and Oceania Section; Rev. Toshiyuki Takahashi, chief of Europe and Africa Section; Michitaro Masuno, chief of Translation Section; and Hideharu Nakajima, principal of Tenrikyo Language Institute.

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