Tenrikyo Mission Center in Thailand Installs Its New Head

On May 8, Tenrikyo Mission Center in Thailand observed the installation service for its third head, Rev. Nobuya Noguchi, with the presence of Tenrikyo Overseas Department Head Yoichiro Miyamori and the department’s Asia I Section Chief Shoji Sato. The service was attended by 159 followers who came from different parts of the country.

In the service prayer, Rev. Noguchi expressed his determination to build upon the path that successive heads of the center had fostered with followers in Thailand. He also pledged to ponder over illnesses and troubles that people in Thailand and Japan are encountering in this season so as to make further progress in the construction of the mind as well as on the path of salvation.

After the service, Rev. Miyamori delivered the sermon. He touched upon three things that followers need to keep in mind when they perform the service: “purified mind,” “unity of mind,” and “spirited mind.” He then said: “I would like to ask you to maintain these qualities of mind not only when you perform the service but in the course of your daily lives. My hope is that you will be able to spread your faith to as many people in Thailand as possible and thereby make the mission center an ever livelier place. I sincerely ask for your continued support in this endeavor.”

Following a commemorative photo session, the followers attended a reception and spent time together.

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