Relief Donation for 8.8-Magnitude Earthquake in Chile

Tenrikyo Overseas Department’s International Network for Mutual Help entrusted the Chilean Red Cross and the Embassy of Chile in Japan with ¥1,000,000 (about US$11,100) each for the relief work being conducted in the aftermath of the 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Chile on February 27.

The earthquake, which occurred off the coast of the central part of the country, and the following tsunami caused tremendous damage to houses and lifelines in some areas. According to the Chilean government and news reports, several-meter-high tsunami hit the country’s coastline, and a tsunami traveled across the Pacific Ocean and reached some islands and countries including Japan.

 Even into the month of March, the areas continue to be struck by a series of powerful aftershocks with magnitudes ranging from 5.5 to 7.2. The damage is particularly devastating in the areas close to the epicenter, including the capital, Santiago, and the second largest city, Concepción. It was reported that about two million people, who account for 12% of the population, have been affected and the confirmed death toll goes over several hundreds. Many more have been reported injured or missing.
In the wake of the disaster, the Overseas Department’s International Network for Mutual Help was quick to collect information about the damage. It then decided on March 10 to donate ¥2,000,000, half of which was transferred to a local follower on the 15th in order to be delivered to the Chilean Red Cross. The other half of the donation was delivered to the Embassy of Chile in Tokyo on the 17th by the network’s Director Noriaki Nagao and Latin America Section Chief Yoshio Uchida of the Overseas Department.

For information about making relief donations for natural disasters in various parts of the world, please contact the Overseas Department’s International Network for Mutual Help at

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