Tenri University to Open the Graduate School of the Study of Religion

Tenri University will launch the Graduate School of the Study of Religion (Master’s program) in April 2017.

The newly established program is designed to foster a broad perspective on and an accurate understanding and knowledge of the religions of the world—including Tenrikyo.

Building on this university’s long years of research in religious studies, language education, and area studies, this program will provide in-depth insights into the world’s diverse religious history and culture and seek to help students develop a high level of appreciation of the issues that are facing the world at a time when religion is often considered to be at the root of conflict.

The program is intended for students wishing to work for international organizations or to participate in the activities of Tenrikyo’s cultural institutions and other centers, those hoping to contribute to interreligious dialogue and cooperation, and international students interested in studying major religions in their home countries and regions as well as the teachings of Tenrikyo.

Tenri University Vice President Ikuo Higashibaba recently said: “Establishing a graduate school of the study of religion in Tenri University was a dream for long years. I very much hope that the school will help many students acquire not only the spirit of Tenrikyo but also a deep and broad knowledge of religions so that they can take active roles in the world.”

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