Growing Spiritually Day by Day

This book presents an English translation of Seijin e no hibi, which was compiled by Tenrikyo Doyusha Publishing Company from Shinbashira kunwa-shu [Collection of the Shinbashira’s Talks] and published in 1993. The topics covered are the Joyous Life, the Divine Model, the Service, the spirit of single-heartedness with God, the truth of a thing lent, joyous acceptance (tanno), sprinkling fragrance and doing salvation work, hinokishin, pilgrimage to Jiba, anniversaries of Oyasama, Yoboku, a person who convinces others, and churches.

Some excerpts follow:

“The creation of the Joyous Life begins with our individual effort to purify our minds. . . . If we just purify our minds, we shall gain insight into how to use our talents effectively.”

“The path Oyasama taught enables us to go through our journey with a ‘mind like clear skies’ even on . . . a stormy day, depending solely on the way we use our mind.”

“[We can] study Oyasama’s Divine Model to find a way to discover joy amid pains and sufferings.”

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