Oyasama’s 130th Anniversary Commemorative Events

“Remembering the Past Anniversaries of Oyasama”
Location: Oyasato-yakata South Right Wing 2, 1st floor
Duration: October 22, 2015‒May 8, 2016
Exhibition looking back on the past anniversaries of Oyasama as well as the predecessors’ footsteps during those days

“Exhibition of Kagura Masks”
Location: Oyasato-yakata South Right Wing 2, 1st basement
Duration: January 24‒31, 2016; February 25‒27; March 25‒27; April 17‒19; April 25‒27
Exhibition of kagura masks that were formerlly used in the Service performance.

“Audio Guide to the Historical Buildings”
Location: Historical buildings (behind the Foundress’ Sanctuary)
Duration: January 24‒31, 2016, except on January 26.
The doors of the historical buildings will be opened on the dates listed above. Audio guides will be available in Japanese, English, Korean, Portuguese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and Thai.

“Welcome Back—Jiba, the Home of All Humankind” (Using three big screens)
Location: Oyasato-yakata South Right Wing 2, 2nd basement
Duration: Starting on January 24, 2016
A video presentation, showing the four seasons in the Home of the Parent and portraying Oyasama’s parental love and those who yearn for Her

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