Young Men’s Association Promotes Nurturing Its Young Members

On February 27, the Young Men’s Association held its Arakitoryo Nurturing Seminar in Dining Hall 3, drawing 300 participants from directly supervised chapters including chairmen and other leading members in charge of their chapters’ nurturing activities. This seminar aimed at raising awareness about the importance of nurturing activities in directly supervised chapters and further enriching the efforts of providing care and guidance for the young. 

After Association Chairman Masanao Nakayama’s opening address, Gakuto Grand Church Head Minister Michiteru Suzuki gave a lecture entitled “The Delight of Nurturing the Young.” Rev. Suzuki said: “Association members are in the age group when they face many turning points in their life, such as job search, career advancement, and marriage. Through the association activities, the members are expected to make one another spirited and make steady progress in their own spiritual growth at each juncture.” He then added: “Starting this year, Arakitoryo Orientation, which targets association members in the high school age bracket, is being organized by directly supervised chapters. It aims to introduce young members to the association activities, which provide the members with opportunities to help one another make progress in their spiritual growth.”

Offering some pointers for nurturing the young, he said: “It is important to conduct association activities while holding repeated discussions at your directly supervised chapters, create a harmonious circle of members who maintain unity of mind based on single-heartedness with God, and reach out to the young and welcome them into that circle. . . . When the young members are able to be part of your chapter’s circle, they will experience joy. That joy, in turn, will bring them back to participate in your chapter’s association activities.”

Rev. Suzuki concluded his lecture by calling out to the leaders of directly supervised chapters by saying: “Seeds will bear fruit only when you sow them in seasonable times. To avoid missing the seasonable time, please start immediately to organize the Arakitoryo Orientation at your respective chapters.”

After the lecture, Association Nurturing Section Chief Motokiyo Fukaya provided further explanation of the association’s various nurturing activities, including Arakitoryo Orientation.

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