Mind That Attracts Happiness

Mind That Attracts Happiness is a translation of Shiawase o yobu kokoro, written in Japanese by Eiji Ozaki, the third head minister of Ushigome Grand Church. Tenrikyo is sometimes referred to as the “path for the mind” because one of its focuses is on the way of handling the mind and how one’s handling of the mind shapes the realities that arise. The author presents his ideas about this path by drawing not only on Tenrikyo’s Scriptures and official doctrinal publications but also on early followers’ writings as well as stories and accounts that have been passed down over many years. He has tried to answer questions that are frequently raised by those who have come into contact with Tenrikyo. This book not only tries to capture something of how Oyasama taught people but also explores the ways in which Tenrikyo followers have sought to put Her teachings into practice.

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