College Division of Students Training Course Held for the First Time in Three Years

The college division of students training course was held in Jiba from March 2 to 12 with the theme: “Hinokishin—Expressing our gratitude in practice.” During the period, two sessions were held with each lasting five days and four nights.

The course was held for the first time in three years following pandemic-related disruptions. A total of 498 university, junior college, graduate school, and technical school students connected to the path participated in the course and 235 staff members took care of the participants.

During the course, the students learned the basic teachings such as “a thing lent, a thing borrowed” and “hinokishin” and deepened their learning through group activities like discussions, which also helped them cultivate friendships with their fellow participants. In the hinokishin program, which was a key part of the course, the students cleaned the Corridors of the sanctuaries and pulled weeds in the sanctuary precincts. In a lecture after the hinokishin, Rev. Yoshisuke Chatani, chairperson of the Students Advisory Committee, noted that the Joyous Life can be realized only if there are friends to walk with. “Making precious friends can bring you a lifetime treasure that will inspire and nurture you,” he said, adding: “I would like you to walk the path with one another while helping one another.”

In the closing ceremony, the students completed the course by performing the dance to the Eight Verses of the Yorozuyo. They received certificates of completion from their group counselors and made a promise to see one another again.

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