Young Men’s Association Activity Guidelines 2022

On January 25, Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association held its monthly meeting at Yoki Hall. The meeting was attended by chapter chairmen from directly supervised churches and dioceses as well as members of the steering committee.

This year, the association will continue to promote the same guideline as last year: “Take on challenges for world salvation.” The sub-guidelines are also the same as last year: “Let us settle in our heart the teaching of ‘a thing lent, a thing borrowed’” and “Let us get moving on salvation work by doing what we can.”

At the meeting, Association President Daisuke Nakayama took the podium to address the attendants. He explained an effective way to carry out the guideline and the sub-guidelines, saying: “By laying ourselves bare, we can greatly shorten the distance between ourselves and others. I think that, in order to deepen our understanding of the teachings and engage in salvation work as a follower of the path, it is important to lay ourselves bare.”

Moreover, referring to the sub-guidelines, he said, “I would like to create opportunities where association members can get together to talk about their faith and delve deeper into the teachings.” He also stated: “Salvation work begins with listening to a person’s concerns. I believe that, by laying ourselves bare, we help make it easier for the person to share his or her worries and concerns, which can create a sense of trust between us.”

Finally, President Nakayama emphasized the importance of returning to the origin especially amid the ongoing pandemic as we all face significant challenges. He concluded his address by saying, “I would like us to grow and expand the movement to return to the foundation of the teachings—‘a thing lent, a thing borrowed’—and have honest discussions about it so that we can settle it in our minds.”

After the president’s address, Association Chairman Yuzo Yaoi took the podium. He announced that the association had prepared a downloadable PDF to help its members to deepen their understanding of the teaching of “a thing lent, a thing borrowed” and posted it on the Young Men’s Association’s website. “We hope that you make full use of this text in your local churches as well as your chapters and dioceses,” Chairman Yaoi said.

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