Reading the Kakisage

This book presents a commentary on the Kakisage by Yoshikazu Nakayama, author of My Oyasama, as well as a dialogue in which he discusses the Kakisage with Tahichi Shiba, former head minister of Harunohi Branch Church.

The Kakisage is a transcript of God’s words that is given to new Yoboku on the day they receive the truth of the Sazuke. It concisely sets forth the standard for the mind that Yoboku are expected to uphold for a lifetime, and it emphasizes that maintaining a totally sincere mind in the course of daily life is the key to tapping into God the Parent’s free and unlimited workings.

An excerpt from Nakayama’s commentary follows:

“Is there any way of using the mind that will allow us to receive free and unlimited workings at all times?” That is the uncertainty or doubt that lingers with us. Addressing this human uncertainty, the Kakisage says: “Do not wonder where the truth of free and unlimited workings is. It is in the truth of the heart alone.” Here, God the Parent unequivocally tells us that the free and unlimited workings depend on the truth of the heart alone. Hereafter, the Kakisage will go on to explain, step by step, the means to allow our use of the mind to give way to the truth of the heart alone.

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