Taiwan Women’s Association Holds 30th Anniversary Convention

On November 18, the Taiwan Chapter of the Women’s Association, which is slated to celebrate its 30th anniversary next year, welcomed Tenrikyo Women’s Association President Harue Nakayama and held its 30th annual convention at the mission headquarters in Taipei. A total of 630 participants gathered for the event. Following the performance of a practice service, the ceremonial portion of the convention began with an address from President Nakayama.

After thanking members for their daily efforts, President Nakayama mentioned that Tenrikyo Women’s Association will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2010 and asserted that it was important to return to the beginning at this important milestone and resolutely affirm the purpose and mission of the founding of the association. She then expressed her hope that all members, regardless of age or position, would head toward the association’s 100th anniversary with delight while recognizing that they can fulfill their role as the foundation for the Joyous Life by working with their minds alone and encouraged everyone to make an honest effort to follow the path of Oyasama’s Divine Model.

Following Bishop Yoshiaki Mihama’s congratulatory address, Mrs. Yasue Mihama, chairwoman of the Taiwan Chapter, greeted members and appealed to them to make the convention a new departure point and head toward the association’s 100th anniversary in unison. A representative from the chapter then gave a statement of resolve, which was followed by the singing of the Women’s Association anthem. After ceremonies were over, Mrs. Shigeko Tanaka of the Women’s Association Headquarters Committee gave a commemorative lecture. The event concluded with commemorative photographs.

The Taiwan Chapter also prepared a photo exhibition with approximately 150 photos depicting the 30 years of the chapter’s history. A roundtable discussion for young women was also held the previous day with President Nakayama presiding.

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