June Monthly Service Joyfully Performed

The June Monthly Service was conducted in the Main Sanctuary of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters on the 26th with the Shinbashira presiding. Though it had been drizzling from the previous day due to a seasonal rain front, the weather improved so that the worshipers no longer needed umbrellas by the time for the Service.

In the prayer which commenced the Service, the Shinbashira expressed gratitude to God the Parent for the blessings we receive daily and said, “Bearing in mind the imperishable truth that has enabled us followers to overcome a great many knots ever since the founding of the Teaching, all of us, including church head ministers and Yoboku, are resolved to strengthen our determination to make ever more efforts toward the construction of the ideal world while maintaining a keen awareness of our mission as Yoboku.”

Then the Kagura Service and the Dance with Hand Movements were performed joyously while the entire congregation within the precincts joined in singing the songs for the Service spiritedly.

Following the performance of the Service, Honbu-in Toshimi Imamura delivered the sermon. As Secretary-General of Ikoi-no-Ie Hospital (Tenri Yorozu-sodansho Foundation), he first explained the original intention contained in the name Ikoi-no-Ie [House of Rest]. That is, this hospital was founded as a place for people who had been drawn to Jiba through their illnesses to take a rest both mentally and physically near the Parent, savor the Joyous Life, and be truly saved. It has been operated based on a motto which derived from the parental heart of Oyasama as expressed in the words, “Whoever comes to this house shall never leave without being filled with joy.” He then introduced a couple of episodes that took place at Ikoi-no-Ie Hospital to show that salvation work is implemented there in terms of both medical treatment and faith. He further pointed out the fact that the rapid development of medical science has brought great benefits to us human beings, whereas it also has given rise to serious issues involving such areas as organ transplantation and reproductive technology.

Finally, he cited the following passage from Instruction One as the basic attitude for Yoboku: “Let all of us Yoboku first receive the truth of the Parent through the daily and monthly services and take it upon ourselves to administer the Sazuke to those suffering from illness. At the same time, let us inquire into the intention of the Parent by making constant efforts to familiarize ourselves with the Scriptures so that we can live in a manner that is based on the teachings.” He thus called upon the listeners to reflect upon their life of faith at all times in terms of the above three points and continue to make spiritual growth step by step.

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