ajiwau 味わう

to test the flavor; to savor; to appreciate; to experience

  • その人が教えに沿って暮らし、陽気ぐらしの喜びを味わえるように、心を尽くして導かせて頂かなければならないのであります。We need to continue our sincere efforts to provide them with care and guidance so that they can live in accordance with the teachings and savor the delight of the Joyous Life” (Michi no Dai, Foundation of the Path, no. 34, p. 159–160).

  • そこで先ず、親神は、どろ海中のどぢよを皆食べて、その心根を味い、これを人間のたねとされた。First God consumed all the loaches in the muddy ocean, tested the flavors of their nature, and made them the seeds for human beings” (The Doctrine of Tenrikyo, p. 21).
  • 更に、次々と道具に使うものを見出して呼び寄せ、それぐ承知をさして貰い受け、喰べてその心味わいを試した上、これ等を雛型や道具として、人間を創造し⋯⋯ Further, discovering other creatures usable as instruments, God called them forth, one after another, and after obtaining consent from each, received them and, after consuming them to test the flavor of their minds, used them as instruments and models, and proceeded to create human beings” (The Life of Oyasama, p. 160).
  • 身上たすけの体験こそ、身上かりものの理、心通りの守護の理を味わい、信仰の確信に至る道を開く縁(よすが)となります。The experience of engaging in the salvation of people suffering from illness will surely help us savor the truth of a thing lent, a thing borrowed, or the truth of receiving the divine blessings in accord with our use of mind so that we can open the way to the core of faith.
  • 身上事情というふしは、われわれにとって、親の思いを胸深く味うことのできる時期であり、自分を静かにふり返ることのできる時期であると共に、親神の導きによって明るい明日へ大きい飛躍のできる時期である。The knots of illness and other troubles represent opportunities for us to deeply appreciate and savor God the Parent’s intention, to engage in calm self-reflection, and to let the Parent’s guidance help us take great strides toward joy and brightness (Mind That Attracts Happiness, p. 116).
  • だからこそ、今年も全教をあげてこどもおぢばがえりに取り組み、一人でも多くの少年会員に声を掛けて参加を促し、おやさとで過ごす喜びを味わわせてやりたいと考えます。That is why I sincerely hope that all of us as the Tenrikyo community will put our collective efforts into the Children’s Pilgrimage this year once again, inviting as many children as possible to take part in it so that they can experience the joy of spending time in the Home of the Parent.
  • 人間も、理を聞いて、イガや渋をとったら、心にうまい味わいを持つようになるのやで。If a man listens to the truth and discards his bur and his bitter coating, his mind will become indescribably delicious.” (Anecdotes of Oyasama, p. 66).
  • こどもおぢばがえりの三つの約束:「生きるよろこびを味わいます」 「ものを大切にします」「仲良くたすけあいます」The “three promises” for the Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba—i.e., “Savor the joy of living,” “Take good care of things,” and “Help one another”
  • 親が子となり子が親となって、人間は元始まりから生まれ変わりを重ねながら、陽気ぐらしの味わいを深めているのです。
    Since being created, human beings have gone through repeated births and rebirths, with parents turning into children and children becoming parents. We have, thereby, been enriching the way we can live the Joyous Life.
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