Announcement: Special Arrangements for March Monthly Service and Spring Memorial Service

In keeping with the measures taken by wider society to control the spread of the novel coronavirus disease, it has been decided that the March Monthly Service and the Spring Memorial Service of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters be attended only by head ministers of directly supervised churches and heads of dioceses on behalf of all other followers, who will be asked to refrain from entering the Main Sanctuary, the Foundress’ Sanctuary, or the Memorial Hall during these services.

We would like to ask all other church head ministers as well as other Yoboku and followers to refrain from returning to Jiba to attend the March Monthly Service and instead worship afar from their churches, fellowships, followers dormitories, or their houses.

Meanwhile, please rest assured that the Kagura Service and the Dance with Hand Movements will be performed on the 26th as usual in accordance with the teachings to express our gratitude for the boundless blessings of God the Parent as well as to pray for the salvation of all people throughout the world and for a settling to the current epidemic and social disruption. We would like to ask all Yoboku and other followers of the path to pray in unity of mind in their respective places with their thoughts focused on Jiba.

March 13, 2020 (Tenrikyo 183)

Tenrikyo Church Headquarters

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