Tenrikyo’s Way of Thinking and Living: Money is a Gift from Heaven

Some people say that money is the most important thing in life, apart from their life itself. In Tenrikyo, money is said to have at least three aspects: gift, joining, and seed. In this article, I will talk about the idea that money is a gift.

The word “gift” here refers to a “gift from heaven.” We receive an income from the work we do by using our body, which is a thing we borrow from God the Parent. On the surface, it appears that we are receiving the money from our employer in exchange for our labor. But if we consider our income as coming from God the Parent, we will come to realize that it is a gift. Underlying this way of thinking is the view that we are only able to work because of God’s blessings.

Incidentally, there is a Divine Direction that says, “Gifts of heaven may seem slight, yet I tell you that gifts of heaven are inexhaustible through all time.” Many people hope to earn as much as, or even more than, they think is needed. But this Divine Direction helps us realize that it is better to earn slightly less than we want, just as it is better for our health to eat moderately than eat until we feel full. Receiving less money than we want is better if we can continue to enjoy this blessing for a long time. There is greater security in living a modest yet long life than living an exciting but short life, a principle that may also apply to business.

Seeing money as a gift from heaven helps us slow down, relax, and feel the joy of being kept alive by God the Parent. It is my hope that this way of thinking, which can allow us to have peace of mind, will be a standard way of living in the future.

From Tenrikyo no kangaekata kurashikata published by Doyusha Publishing Company

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