Pep Rally for the 110th Anniversary of the Women’s Association

In anticipation of commemorating its 110th anniversary in April next year, the Women’s Association is holding the Pep Rally for the 110th Anniversary of the Women’s Association regionally from May. A total of 377 venues are planned to host the rally throughout Japan and overseas.

Through this event, the Women’s Association hopes that all members strengthen their awareness of being association members, so that they can implement the association guidelines and strive to grow spiritually into fine Yoboku. Furthermore, the Pep Rally is seen as an opportunity for association members to unite their minds and pledge further efforts to sprinkle the fragrance of the teachings and do salvation work.

All venues will use the same program, consisting of: video presentations, a lecture by a Women’s Association Headquarters committee member, faith experience speeches by participant representatives, and the performance of the service. The program is made so that association members can have a deeper understanding of the qualities women are endowed with and further explore ways to apply those qualities to their daily lives.

In October last year, the Women’s Association Headquarters distributed flyers for the Pep Rally to all association members through their respective directly supervised churches. The flyers were also designed to be used to help sprinkle the fragrance of the teachings as well. Throughout Japan, the Pep Rally will be held at local churches and local diocese offices, and simultaneous interpretation will be available when it is held at Oyasato-yakata South Right Wing 2. The Pep Rally is also scheduled to be held at 37 overseas venues.

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