Sprinkling the Fragrance around the World

In September, which is the designated month to emphasize sprinkling the fragrance of the teachings, vigorous missionary work was carried out around the world.

In South Korea, a total of 88 church head ministers and other Yoboku spread the fragrance of the teachings on September 30 in two cities—Gimhae, where Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in South Korea is located, and Gwangju, which is some 300 kilometers (186 mi.) south of Seoul.

In Gimhae, 78 people assembled in front of the Gimhae National Museum and spread the name of God at a nearby monorail station. They also made roadside speeches and passed out leaflets. In Gwanju, 10 people engaged in spreading the name of God and made roadside speeches.

Meanwhile, the Joyous Life Lecture—sponsored by the Overseas Department and intended for those who know little or nothing about the faith—was held in mid-September in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore, attracting a total of 194 participants. In the Philippines, the lecture was given at three locations. Tenrikyo Mission Center in the Philippines, where the lecture took place in the morning, a seminar targeted at students and young people in their 20s was organized in the afternoon, where participants were encouraged to talk about any blessings of God that they could find in their daily lives.

The Joyous Life Lecture was also held in Paraguay and Australia in October and will take place in November and December in different regions of Europe, as well as in Thailand, India, Nepal, and Indonesia.

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