Tenri High School’s Boys Judo Team

Tenri High School’s boys judo team won the team competition at the National High School Athletic Meet this summer for the first time in 27 years which, marks their 14th title overall.

To celebrate the achievement, a reception was jointly organized by the team’s alumni association and Tenri Judo Association on October 13 and was attended by many people involved in judo. Mr. Chihiro Nakabayashi, head of the judo alumni association, made the opening speech expressing gratitude to all who attended. Next, Mr. Yoshitaro Fukaya, managing director of Tenri University Corporation, delivered a congratulatory speech. It was then followed by an address by Mr. Toshitaka Kajiwara, head of the Tenri High School Judo Club. He said, “Without being complacent about this victory, we will work hard toward the next goal.” Commemorative gifts were then given to the coaches and athletes who won at the national competition.

Then, team captain Kanta Nakano (high school senior) said: “I am happy to have achieved the national title for the first time in 27 years. I am filled with gratitude to our parents and everyone who has supported us.”

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