19 Attend English Class of Shuyoka This Year


The 44th English Class of Shuyoka (the three-month Spiritual Development Course) began in the Home of the Parent on April 1 as part of the 924th session of Shuyoka. This year, there are 19 participants from nine countries: four from the United States (three from the mainland and one from Hawaii); three each from the Philippines and Vietnam; two each from Nepal, Mongolia, and Brazil; and one each from Australia, Myanmar, and Kenya.

The homeroom instructor is Rev. Yuk Mei Inouye, head of the Hawaii Kai Mission Station (Higashichuo Grand Church). The assistant instructor is Rev. Akihiko Nishimura, head of the North America and Oceania Section of Tenrikyo Overseas Department.

Rev. Inouye teaches the classes on The Life of Oyasama, the musical instruments, and faith experience speeches, and Rev. Nishimura on The Doctrine of Tenrikyo, the service dance, the Mikagura-uta (The Songs for the Service), and the musical instruments. Rev. Inouye leads other class activities such as homeroom, sermon practice, guided tours of the Residence and historical sites, practice in missionary work, and practice in administering the Sazuke, together with the assistant instructor, Rev. Nishimura.


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