Hinokishin School Promotes Greening to Help Counter Global Warming

The 25th Greening Hinokishin and the Environment–one of the specialized courses organized by Hinokishin School of the Mission Department of Tenrikyo’s headquarters–took place on June 26 and 27 in the Home of the Parent, drawing 20 people. Designed to provide an opportunity to consider environmental issues from the perspective of the teachings and gain knowledge and skills in greening, the course included six lectures as well as gardening workshops.

One of the lectures, entitled “Taking Good Care of the Body of God: Tenrikyo’s View of Nature and Environmental Issues,” was given by Dr. Masakazu Tsujii, researcher at Tenri University’s Oyasato Institute for the Study of Religion. He examined current environmental problems while discussing the Tenrikyo teaching that “this universe is the body of God.”

Another lecture was delivered by Deputy Sales Manager Hareo Nunotani of Hanano Yamato Horticultural Center. He gave pointers on how to prepare flower beds among other subjects.

The workshops, led by instructors from Tenri High School’s horticulture department, focused on how to prepare soil and sow seeds, as well as how to grow a variety of plants in the same plot.

“Attending this course has certainly raised my awareness of the importance of curbing global warming,” says Noriko Inabe, 55, who came from Tokyo. “I’ll try to share the knowledge and skills I have gained with my neighbors and, hopefully, we’ll get more and more people involved in the greening efforts of hinokishin.”

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