Tenrikyo Basics Course Launched

On April 1, the Education and Nurture Department (headed by Rev. Motoyoshi Tomimatsu) launched Tenrikyo Basics Course, taking the first step in the implementation of Church Headquarters’ new instructional system. The Basics Course is designed to introduce Tenrikyo to those who, though interested in Tenrikyo or seeking salvation, have yet to become followers.

The first Basics Course was held at its designated site in East Left Wing 3 of the Oyasato-yakata building-complex, which had recently been refurbished for this purpose. People started to gather around the venue shortly after noon. When the registration began at 12:30, a line was formed. A total of 49 people attended the Basics Course on that day. Rev. Yasuo Miyauchi served as the lecturer for the first Basics Course.

On April 4, the first non-Japanese version of the course was given in French and was attended by nine people. Mr. Yomei Mori served as the lecturer. Besides Japanese, the Basics Course is offered in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, and Thai. Preparations are under way to launch this course in other languages such as Hindi, Nepali, Filipino, German, Russian, and Italian.

While the Japanese version is offered every day (except the year-end and New Year’s season), the schedule for the other versions is announced in advance of each session. Those wishing to attend a non-Japanese version on an unscheduled day are requested to contact the Overseas Department. The donation for attendance is 500 yen.

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