This Month’s Message: Loving-Kindness

Oyasama once told a follower shortly after he began to follow the path:

“Become a person with a gentle heart.”

Anecdotes of Oyasama, no. 123

There may be times when, after receiving a negative comment from someone we know, we feel so angry that we can barely contain ourselves. We might think of getting back at that person.

Yet responding coldly, for instance, would not lead to positive results. Instead, that would leave a sour aftertaste that could even remain for life. It might do irreparable damage to our relationship with the person. We might end up wallowing in misery and hatred. It is astonishing how many people make irreversible mistakes out of anger, hatred, and resentment and, consequently, throw away their lives.

What about Oyasama?

No matter what persecution came Her way, She never condemned Her persecutors, let alone thought of revenge.

In fact, the contrary was the case. On one occasion, for example, She offered a meal to the arresting policeman. On another occasion, after being ill-treated at a police station, She tried to buy a cake for a policeman on guard who looked bored.

If we think of Her Divine Model, hurtful words that are about to come out of our mouth can remain unspoken. Anger and hatred can subside, allowing us to find the power to free ourselves from cruel thinking.

Oyasama saves us from making potentially disastrous choices that might throw us into an abyss of despair. The Divine Model protects us as we hear Her words echo in our hearts: “Become a person with a gentle heart.”

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