Tenrikyo Oceania Centre Holds First Youth Gathering

On January 18 and 19, Tenrikyo Oceania Centre held the first Youth Gathering in Oceania. Fourteen youths from Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sydney gathered for the event. Students Advisory Committee Chairman Tadakazu Nishiura and Committee Member Mitsuo Kajimoto were dispatched for the gathering. At the gathering, the youths practiced the service dance and participated in group work exercises that facilitated their interaction with one another.

Since its establishment, the Oceania Centre has held children’s sleepovers with success, and there has been a steady increase of young people participating in the center’s various activities and events. The youth gathering was organized to continue efforts toward nurturing successors of the path. Prior to the youth gathering, the Student Nurturers Seminar was held on January 16 to raise the congregation’s awareness as nurturers. Committee Chairman Nishiura talked about how to relate to youths and students and the importance of good listening skills. He then conducted simulated HARP exercises to help the participants develop skills to nurture high school and university-age youths. The seminar was also held at Tono Sydney Fellowship, which is located in Sydney, on January 21.

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