This Month’s Message: Divine Truth

Oyasama once said:

“Sah, sah, because Tsukihi exists, the world exists. Because the world exists, things exist. Because things exist, your bodies exist. Because your bodies exist, law exists. Although the law exists, to resolve your minds is primary.”
The Life of Oyasama, p. 231

Imagine. You have been caught in a sudden downpour with almost zero visibility. You are getting soaking wet and now feeling cold to the bone. Faced with this unexpected situation, you curse and swear, saying things to the effect of: “Life is unfair”; “The world makes no sense.”

Yet it is not exactly true to say that the world makes no sense. There is some rhyme and reason to everything, including misfortunes that happen to us, as well as every raindrop that falls on us.

Countless raindrops that fall on the mountains are absorbed into the ground. The rainwater makes its way underground and, unbeknown to anyone, springs from the earth’s surface deep in the mountains. After it gushes forth, the clear spring water flows down the valleys and forms rivers, which flow over ever-larger areas. They are fed by more and more water, both clear and muddy, while gradually becoming wider. The rivers provide the land with rich nutrients, as well as water, as they continue to make their way to the sea, where subsequently the water evaporates. It forms clouds and, once again, falls as rain to the ground in due course.

We humans cannot see what happens deep underground with our eyes. Nature’s large-scale and delicate water circulation system is something we do not normally think about. Little do we suspect that some of the river water that is flowing in front of us now might have been the rainwater that made our clothes wet one day.

What at first glance seem like unrelated events may be connected with one another somewhere invisible to us. In fact, things are where they should be and are acting on one another as they play their respective roles. Countless things are working together in a spontaneous and harmonious way to make up the whole, in which there is something resembling the blood vessel system by which, much as nutrients and water are carried by great rivers, life-energy is supplied to all corners of the world. Such is what is sometimes called “the divine truth,” or “the truth of heaven,” which pervades the universe and permeates the past, present, and future and which is boundless and subtle.

The divine truth, which can also be seen as divine providence, is the foundation for not only all natural phenomena but also everything else, including social phenomena and personal events and incidents. In fact, even our life itself is created and sustained by it.

The divine truth is not a law or rule; it is not mechanical, nor is it inorganic. Rather, a conscious intention to save all people in the world is involved.

Tsukihi, referring to God the Parent, allows free and unlimited workings to appear in response to our minds’ workings, from one moment to the next, while taking an infinitely broad view of the whole, a view that encompasses both the distant past and the remote future. What is at work is an overwhelming energy that pays close and warm attention to each and every one of us humans and constantly guides us to a life filled with joy. Such is God’s profound unconditional parental love for children, and it is God the Parent, or Tsukihi, who enables the world to exist and allows our lives to unfold. In any situation we find ourselves in, remembering this point can prevent us from going wrong and help us live fully and abundantly.

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