Yoboku Gathering Also Held in Unstable Ukraine

As of May 21, “Yoboku Gatherings” have been held at a total of 87 venues in 27 countries and regions overseas. In the early and middle parts of May, the gatherings were conducted mainly in Europe and Africa.

On May 11, a Yoboku Gathering was held at a follower’s house in Ukraine, which is located in Eastern Europe, with Rev. Hiroshi Fukaya, bishop of Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in America, as its lecturer.

Amidst political instability in Ukraine, eight local followers assembled on that day. The participants encouraged one another and built their awareness of being Yoboku through the lecture and videos translated into Ukrainian.

One of the participants was Taras Kerechan, a 26-year-old Yoboku of Tenrikyo Shimagahara Grand Church, who said: “The lecturer’s words, ‘If there is a smile, anyone can help others be saved,’ stood out the most.”

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