This Month’s Message: Workings of the Everliving Oyasama

When a follower paid Oyasama a visit after surviving a shipwreck, She told him;

“I brought you home from a dangerous place.”
Anecdotes of Oyasama, no. 88

One day, you run into an uncle of yours while walking down the street. It so happens that you are troubled about something, and what he says during this chance encounter helps you make up your mind what to do.

What is strange is that the street where you meet him is where you would least expect to bump into him. Also, what he says to you is, actually, the kind of remark that usually goes in one ear and out the other, yet on that occasion his words register in your head. You start wondering if this “chance encounter” might have been arranged by some invisible force to occur at that time, at that place. It feels almost as if someone, concerned about your future, went out of the way to make elaborate arrangements.

A child suddenly runs out into the street in front of your car. You quickly turn the steering wheel. Luckily, you turn it the right way so you narrowly avoid a potential tragedy. You shudder to think what if you had hit the poor child! The word “luckily”—although it has just been used—does not sound quite right. You cannot help thinking that something inconceivably great intervened to help you. You feel a surge of gratitude.

Some inexplicable force is always at work, extending a helping hand to grab us and pull us out of harm’s way when a crucial moment is at hand. People might say that occurrences such as have been described are merely coincidental. Yet there is something that makes it hard to dismiss them as coincidences.

It is the everliving Oyasama who makes such helpful interventions. Even though we cannot physically see Her, we can sense the everliving Oyasama’s workings and keenly feel Her parental love, which is constantly showered on us.

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