Installation of the New Head of Tenrikyo Mission New York Center

On May 6, Tenrikyo Mission New York Center observed the installation service for its 6th head, Rev. Michael Masuo Yuge, with Tenrikyo Overseas Department Vice Head Noriaki Nagao attending as a guest of honor. Approximately 180 followers from various states on the East Coast and from Los Angeles gathered for the special occasion.

In his sermon delivered following the Service, Rev. Nagao shared his personal experiences in France and the Congo. He then stressed that it was essential for followers of the path to expand the circle of the Joyous Life while helping one another within their local communities and their families.

Likening the head of a mission center to the captain of a sports team, Rev. Nagao said, “I would like you to make steady, step-by-step progress by bringing your minds into unity with the new head of the center who is your team captain, so that the path will grow even further.”

After accepting the letter of appointment, Rev. Yuge gave a speech in English. He shared an episode about his grandfather, Rev. Susumu Yoshida, the third bishop of the Mission Headquarters in America, who had passionately engaged in missionary work in New York. He then vowed, “I would like to exert my utmost efforts to spread the teaching that we are all brothers and sisters by following the intention of our predecessors who have paved the way for the path in America.”

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