The 140th Anniversary of Oyasama
Salvation Work Promotion Meeting for Church Head Ministers and Spouses Begins

A salvation work promotion meeting, targeting all church head ministers and their spouses, has been held at each directly supervised church since January of this year.

Coming in the second year of anniversary-related activities, this event, which is designed to further promote the initiatives of single-hearted salvation, not only urges church head ministers and their spouses—who are to take the lead in walking the path—to actively spread the fragrance of the teachings and engage in salvation work but also serves as an opportunity for their churches to unite to step up their efforts aimed at achieving the goals they had pledged to Oyasama based on last year’s progress.

Honjima Grand Church held the event at its followers dormitory on January 25 with a total of eighty participants, including church head ministers and their spouses. After Honjima’s Head Minister Kanta Katayama, 55, greeted the attendees, a video message from Director-in-Chief of Religious Affairs Yoichiro Miyamori was played. Following that, Salvation Work Committee Chairman Yoshiji Matsumura delivered a speech, saying, “First of all, let us as church head ministers or their spouses take the lead in missionary and salvation work and strive as hard as possible to increase the number of people following this path.” Subsequently, a video clip was shown, highlighting the activities of two church head ministers who are endeavoring to fulfill their resolutions in response to the voice of the season. Later, age-based discussion groups were held as part of the original program of Honjima Grand Church.

Rev. Katayama said, “I think the meeting gave an opportunity for church head ministers and their spouses to reflect on their use of the mind as they looked back on the first year of the anniversary-related activities and had a discussion on the words of the Shinbashira and on events occurring in the world.”

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