Congo Brazzaville Church Installs Its 6th Head Minister

On November 11, the installation service for Congo Brazzaville Church’s sixth head minister, Rev. Matelama Guy Raoul, was performed in the presence of Tenrikyo Overseas Department Head Masaharu Matsuda and the department’s Europe and Africa Section Chief Michihiro Kiyose. The service was attended by some 350 people, including followers who had traveled to the church from various places as well as delegates from other religious groups and representatives from the city hall.

The installation service began at 9:15 a.m. local time. In his service prayer, Rev. Guy said, “We pray to You that we may be able to keep the Divine Model of Oyasama as our compass so that the Joyous Life will not just be a mere slogan for us but rather help us nurture a state of mind focused on saving others in any circumstance.”

The prayer was followed by the joyous performance of the seated service, which was led by Rev. Matsuda, as well as of the Eight Verses of the Yorozuyo and the Twelve Songs, both of which were conducted by the Congolese followers.

After the service performance, Rev. Matsuda delivered an address, in which he said: “What I would like you, the new head minister, to do is to walk the path of spiritual maturity yourself. The way in which you take the initiative to engage in the work of the path as the core of the church will help you gain the confidence of people inside and outside of the church, which will in turn allow you to further promote the activities aimed at spreading the teachings.” He then added, “I would also like to take this opportunity to ask all Yoboku and other followers belonging to this church to bring your minds into accord with that of your new leader and thereby walk the path of spiritual maturity together.”

Following Rev. Matsuda’s address, Rev. Guy delivered his speech, in which he expressed his gratitude and paid respects to his predecessors including the late Rev. Pierre Bazebibaka—the former head minister of the church—for the contributions they had made to the development of the church.

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