Women’s Association Activity Guidelines 2023

Tenrikyo Women’s Association held a seminar for the chairwomen of directly supervised chapters and diocese chapters at Moya 38 on January 27 and 28, 2023, attracting 244 participants.

The association declared that they would promote the same slogan for spiritual maturity as in previous years: “Let’s follow the Divine Model and become the foundation for the Joyous Life.” New activity guidelines were also introduced, namely: “As we move toward the 140th Anniversary of Oyasama, let’s be thorough in ensuring that we nurture ourselves and others sincerely,” “Let’s convey and spread the original intention of God the Parent,” and “Let all of us—young and old alike—savor the joy of salvation work.”

In her address delivered at the seminar, Association President Harue Nakayama stressed the significance of nurturing young women and the importance of the ten years after they grow out of the age bracket for the Boys and Girls Association and join the Women’s Association when they become high school students. She emphasized that it is the association’s mission to maintain awareness of nurturing them during this critical period—during which they can learn things with an open mind—so they can lay the foundation for becoming the women of the path.

President Nakayama reflected on the successive Shinbashiras’ addresses delivered at the association’s conventions and encouraged the audience to make progress in their spiritual growth and fulfill their roles as members of the Women’s Association, who are entrusted to nurture and guide others.

In closing, she pointed out the importance of not only knowing the original intention of God the Parent, who created human beings and the world, but also fully understanding it, so it can be incorporated into our daily lives of faith. She encouraged the listeners to raise and nurture their children with the aim of helping them grow into fine Yoboku.

It was announced that the 105th Women’s Association Convention will be held on April 19 in the Inner Courtyard of Church Headquarters, with no special events planned after the convention. Additionally, the period between April 1 and 30 will be designated as a Besseki Month, during which each chapter is encouraged to bring at least one person to the Besseki lecture. The Lecture for the Foundation of the Path and other annual seminars are also planned to be held this year.

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